Destined to Win

I love listening to Kris Vallotton speak and have enjoyed reading some of his other books and articles. I set out with high expectations for his latest book Destined to Win especially since it has to do with my word for the year (purpose). 

I had a hard time getting started with the book since it is so different than some of his others and realized that this one was not going to be quite what I pictured. I wanted a book on personal purpose. The chapters felt geared toward people who already have more focus and really spoke to work roles for me. Many points were helpful for me to think in terms of leadership and teams. Some chapters I really wanted some more depth too but I did love some of the stories included and big ideas. 

Some big take-aways included: find people who are like you (your tribe), expose yourself to others to help get vision, get really good at using your gifts to build others up, and focus on who God has for you to help.  

All in all, I would suggest this book for a look at teams and leadership as well as insight into “tribes” of people.  

Disclosure: I got this book for free but all opinions are my own! 


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