What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been packing boxes and getting ready to move! Once I know something is coming, I would rather just have it here and be done with it so that’s what I have been working toward doing! Even though, I wish we had clearer next steps at least we know where we won’t be living! I keep praying that something exciting and purposeful will happen. I definitely feel like we are in the one step at a time stage. 

Melea has been all about the kick n play lately! She loves turning 360 and is such a mover.  She will go from using her feet to turning to use her hands and back again. She’s also a fan of the crab and the elephant on it too for grabbing and “eating.”

The weather is inching toward spring and summer! We have had some nicer days thankfully. I have been in full on double stroller search. We have our REI coupon that we could use too so I’m trying to figure out what we want. BOB or Thule or Phil and Ted or what?! Whatever happens I am anticipating lots of walks wherever we end up living! 

And a little flashback to South Africa because who doesn’t need something to smile about (and miss) on a Friday 😍 


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