4 Months

And just like that we have hit 4 Months with Miss Melea 😍 She sure has all of us wrapped around her finger (even Boaz likes her!). She brings so much joy to our every day life and has such a fun personality. She’s still our petite little one who is happy and content and still quite the sleeper but also squirmy! 

What we have learned…spring can keep coming! A double stroller is on our to buy list. 

What we are enjoying right now…the days we get to be outside, music class, storytime at the library, and hanging out as a family. Lots of drives looking at houses too. 

What our struggles are right now…waiting to see where we are going next!

Most exciting milestones…lots of grabbing things, chewing, and moving all the way around!

What we are looking forward to… moving! Warm weather! Seeing people at my cousin’s wedding. Easter. 

What Melea seems to like and dislike…grabbing the crab and elephant, tummy time, watching Asher, her toes, and chewing on things. Dislikes seem to be when she chews on something and it moves unexpectedly, when she can’t reach what she wants, and getting stuck. 

What sleep looks like…I still haven’t kept track much but she’s waking up usually twice a night and sleeping until 7-8. Then napping again usually around 9:30/10. Then another nap or two and then going to bed around 8-9.

What we are eating…still nursing like a champ. She’s getting more distracted when Asher is around but not bad. 

Who we have seen…the usual people ☺

At the last doctor appointment…we haven’t had one recently but she’s finally edging into 6 month clothes! Still size 1 diapers when she’s not in cloth diapers. 


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