Nothing to Prove 

Since I read a fair amount of Christian non-fiction, I was curious if Jennie Allen’s Nothing to Prove would be similar to others about the same topic. I found the first couple of chapters to be especially thought-provoking!  I underlined a ton and resonated with many ideas. 

I’ve been one who has hustled and strived to meet all sorts of standards. I’ve tried to prove myself and keep myself up on my imaginary pedestal (spoiler: it didn’t work). Let me tell you, this kind of living is exhausting! The pressure and constant worry took up too much time!  Through a lot of different things like counseling, prayer, changing my self-talk, and engaging in relationships, I’ve come a long ways from where I used to be. Yet, I still found Jennie’s message to be relevant and helpful. 

I love how she continually brings it back to focusing on God. We don’t get anywhere by repeating how good we are but we sure can gain ground when we are abiding in the one who is more than enough!  

The book included great questions to ponder and prompts to help you take the next steps. I loved texting these to a friend and writing out my answers. This was really helpful for me! 

The only thing that didn’t resonate with me were the parts of chapters that turned Bible stories into first person accounts. I would rather read the Bible verses than the expanded fiction version. But these did create a great way to really dive into those stories in a new way. Mostly a personal preference!

Otherwise, I highly recommend the book for a refresher on God’s goodness and on how to really focus on Him in a world that is constantly baiting us to measure up and prove ourselves. 

Disclosure: I got this free book from Blogging for Books but all opinions are my own!


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