1 Month

Hello Melea Rose! Here we go again with doing fun monthly updates!  This last month has been a blur with the holidays and hospital stays for family and a newborn. But man do we love our little girl!
What we have learned…take what you can get, napping when the baby naps is not a thing with a toddler running around, keep talking, and how much love we have for our third little baby. 

What we are enjoying right now…pizza! All the smiles we can get out of our little lady. Watching Asher and Melea interact. 

What our struggles are right now…sleep. She’s a sleepy one but it’s a different ball game when you can’t nap whenever she is. 

Most exciting milestones…smiles!!

What we are looking forward to…summer. I know it’s only January but man am I missing being able to go on a walk outside!

What Melea seems to like and dislike…likes seem to be sleep, laying on mom or dad, tummy time, music, and listening to Asher. Dislikes seem to include being alone for too long and waiting to eat or be picked up. 

What sleep looks like…I have no idea. She eats and sleeps but I couldn’t tell you how often she’s up. She’s given us some 4-5 hour stretches I think. She’s usually up a few times. 

What we are eating…milk! She did try one bottle and did great.  

Who we have seen…Tom and Laura came from D.C., Paradees came, aunts and uncles, and all the Christmas people. 

At the last doctor’s appointment…she was doing good! 75ish percentile for height and 50ish for weight. She’s just barely out of newborn size and barely into size 1 diapers. 


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