I have been on a cookbook kick lately and have been getting a lot from the library (Giada, food network, Barefoot Contessa and more!) so I was excited to have the chance to own and review Danielle Walker’s Celebrations cookbook! 

 The book is a gorgeous hardcover with excellent photography throughout. I love when cookbooks include photos of the recipes rather than just instructions. This one did not disappoint on that aspect. 
The beginning also included a lot of tips and suggestions. She talks about types of ingredients and brands she prefers as well as ideas for entertaining. The book includes a variety of recipes that really help highlight the unique twists on traditional recipes and help keep the fun in food during celebrations for those who may have a diet change. 
While I am personally not as strict about my diet as Walker, I have some people in my life who are and I love to try new things so this cookbook will be a way to do just that while showing love to those I know who do have dietary restrictions. 
I haven’t tried all the recipes yet but am looking forward to finding favorites for when my next celebration comes along. 
I imagine those who are familiar with Walker will gladly add this to their cookbook collection and those who are looking for unique recipes would also want to check it out. 

Cake please!
–Disclosure: I received this from Blogging for Books for free and I am so grateful for the chance to read it. All opinions are my own! 


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