A Day in Our Life

I found one of these posts in my drafts folder from when Asher was 2 months old so I thought I’d revisit and share what our day has looked so far now that he’s a bit over 2 years old. 

Alarms for Ryan go off at 6:00 am and he’s getting up around 6:15 to get ready for work. Usually, I would keep sleeping but today I’m up and reading my Bible and some other articles in bed of course. 

Ryan heads off to work a little before 7:00 and I stay in bed reading. 

Asher comes out of his room around 7:30-7:45 and climbs in bed with me. Sometimes he will go back to sleep but he’s awake today. We leisurely get up and then go make some eggs and cereal for breakfast. 

We let Boaz out and I tackle putting together the cloth diapers (we still do about 50/50 cloth and disposable) while Asher plays with cars. 

Somewhere in there I decide to tackle cleaning out the bedroom closets to get rid of things. I start this task but take a break to read with Asher. He’s all about this book we got from the library called More Blueberries. We probably read 10-15 books before he’s back to playing while I keep working on the closet. 

(Stuff to get rid of on the table and things to put away on the floor! And a boy playing on a sleeping bag)

Boaz decides he’s in the mood to play with the ball so he brings it up and Asher throws it down the stairs for him. Asher needs some help having Boaz drop the ball but otherwise these two are a good pair. They did this last night too which is where the picture is from below. 

(Books galore and toys out=a happy, fun house that gets picked up at the end of the day!  I’m kind of glad we don’t have a bigger place to clean!)

Somewhere in here we read more books together and I find some noisemakers from my Chicago marathon goodie bag that Asher has a blast drumming with on the floor. 

The combine shows up and provides entertainment until it is lunch time! 

We make quesadillas and a PBJ for lunch. Asher asks to call Daddy so we do and then we get ready to go to town. 

By now it’s close to 1:00pm and we head to get gas and some diapers and cream cheese from Target. Asher is all about riding in the cart and asking for a sticker. Diapers were even on sale which was exciting!

Then I put on some music and take a fun way home and Asher falls asleep in the car. He goes down for a nap in his room and I’m here writing this up enjoying all the baby kicks and rolls I can!

Ryan will be home around 4:15-4:20 and we are hoping to sneak in a run since it’s nice outside!  We will see what else the day holds. 


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