Friday Favorites

We’ve had a fairly low key day with a trip to get dog food and to stop by the library for new library books. I thought I’d pop in to share some of my favorites from lately. 

1. Cookbooks and fun recipes!  

I snagged a Barefoot Contessa cookbook while we were at the library today and I’ve been loving looking through it. We’ve also been trying some other fun new recipes from Pinterest. There’s a pumpkin waffle recipe on our list to make soon too!  And I’m still drooling over the bananas fosters French toast we made the other night. We’ve made some cookies too which was fun! Asher had fun “helping” and he loves watching them bake. 

2. Days of Creation!

We’ve been doing some modified activities from some preschool/2 year old play through the bible and other curriculum finds!  We started with the days of creation and did four days this week and will finish out the others next week. This paper plate game has been a huge hit. He has loved looking for “light.”  We keep adding a plate for each day and he has to find them. Pretty cute and fun to see how much he remembers! 

3. Reading! 

We all love to read! A big chunk of our day is often spent reading.  I’m so grateful for all the books we have and can get from the library. I’ve been reading in Uninvited, Find Your Brave, and Hinds Feet in High Places.  Asher has been asking to read Llama Llama books, Little Blue Truck, and Goodnight Gorilla among others!

4. Working Out!

We’ve gotten two runs in this week and two workouts from the Nike Training Club app!  Both were fun! 

5. Outfit Planning

Well. This is a favorite and a not favorite! But mostly we’ve been having fun figuring out what we all are going to wear to my brother’s wedding next week! I’m excited to travel again and get on a plane! Plus, this flight feels like it’ll be easy compared to others we’ve been on with Asher.

That’s all I’ve got before heading into the weekend. Here’s to sunshine and time outside with hopefully a good, long run! 


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