Friday Faves

  1. I’ve been having fun listening the Bethel Music album Have it All on Spotify (thanks to my brother for having room on his Spotify premium account!). Spirit Move by Kalley Heiligenthal is especially fun for a Friday afternoon driving. 
  2. Asher has been having fun drumming and watching Ryan learn guitar. I’ll be so curious if/what Asher will want to play. He asks for music all the time. I love watching him get excited about playing or listening! 
  3. I’ve been having a blast being back on a running plan even if it is totally stretching me already!  We are planning on doing a 10 miler in Stillwater in September! The heat is kind of miserable but the running is good! 
  4. Reading lots of books. I’ve got Wild and Free up on my list and a fiction one titled Hood. 
  5. Sleeping in….Asher has been so cute and will get out of his bed around when Ryan goes to work and then will want to come in bed with me for another hour or two before getting up. I’m usually able to sleep some more or get some reading done before starting the day. 

There’s a few favorites from lately! What are you loving lately? 


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