Somehow summer seems to fill up fast with all sorts of fun things. We’ve had our fill of doing VBS at church (we did a super fun Lego/builder theme this year), vacation in Glacier National Park and Banff, birthday celebrating for Asher, and now we are heading into kids camp, a few Minnesota traveling weekends, and starting to train for a 10 mile race!  

We are thinking of doing the Stillwater Log Race in September so our 10 week training plan starts this week! We went to Stillwater back for our first anniversary so going in the summer sounds fun. Plus, after running Grandmas marathon I’ve decided I love running by water. 

Boaz has also hit his “Don’t mind me I’m just going to wander a little farther” streak. He’s always on the hunt for birds of any type and still out runs us any day. He’s totally still cuddly and wants all the attention. 

Asher has been talking up a storm and recognizing letters. He’s been rocking his balance bike and his big wheels trike. He’s a big fan of going outside which I love and thankfully we’ve had awesome weather. He just got a big bed and is out of his Nuna. Now I’m on the hunt for cute boy bedding. We also spend lots of time playing cars and watching the cars go by on the highway. 

We’ve been making cannoli cake, quesadillas, ricotta stuffed shells, pizza bagels, and of course cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. 

And I am still missing the mountains and the gorgeous water from our vacation. 

Here’s a few pictures from recently…


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