The More of Less

I’ve been reading the Becoming Minimalist blog for a while so when I saw a book by its creator, Joshua Becker, come up, I jumped at the chance to read it!
I loved that the author is upfront in the book about his faith and that stories from the Bible are included. That said, I felt like he did a good job at including others who may not believe the same as he does. The book definitely has Christian elements and is at the core, but many like much of a Christian life, the principles are easily translated to anyone. 
Since I have been reading the blog some of the stories are recognizable, but there was enough fresh content as well. I would say that someone who hasn’t read the blog at all would enjoy the book even more. 
Having also read The Magic of Tidying Up, I appreciated that Becker explains and takes a purpose and value approach to decluttering. He goes further and shares that when we figure out our own life goals then it becomes clearer what to keep or give away. This personalized the approach, which I liked. He also talked about how some people’s personalities may make a difference in their method. 
Lastly, I loved reading all of the statistics and stories that he shared. They were interesting and relevant to the content. They helped the book become more tangible for me. 
All in all, a great book especially for those who haven’t read his blog!

Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own. 


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