I’ve been meaning to pop in with a few highlights from our trip to Portland for Ryan’s birthday weekend so I’m finally getting around to doing it!  First off, we ate well and included fun dessert! 

We went to Ruby Jewel for ice cream since my brother texted me a picture of him at Baskin Robbins eating a Daquiri Ice. I saw they had a margarita flavor so I sampled it but landed on their unique cookies and cream!  They soak the cream in cookies. Too fun!  Though, for ice cream, Salt and Straw stole the show. The lines out the door proved to be worthwhile. They had all sorts of unique flavors. Ryan tried a Pear and Blue Cheese. I had some dandelion one that I am wishing I could go back for seconds! They were generous on the samples too which was awesome. I found it fun seeing where all the local ingredients came from too. 

We also trekked over to Blue Star Doughnuts one day for some delicious unique flavors. Totally worth it as well. We saw lots of Voodoo Douhnut boxes around but didn’t end up going there. Too many pentagrams for our style 😉 but I hear they are unique but that others taste better. 


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