Friday Fun

When it’s Friday and you make the mistake of thinking you can go to the park but find out that the preschoolers are using it…you get lunch out!

Such a fun mini date with my little man who is getting so big!

Adding new staircase ideas to my Pinterest building board! 

We totally took advantage of Jimmy Johns having $1 subs the other day!

One shoed kid lounging on the dog watching some baby praises er the official name is Praise Baby. Asher just says “praise” in the cutest little voice. Well it’s cute until you have to sometimes disappoint him and say not now. Or when it’s past bedtime and he’s yanking on your hand saying “praises” and you are saying no…

Pinterest also showed me this and the dinosaur is just great. Ha! And the chair is so stylish. Oh babies. 😍 

And here’s a little flashback Friday. 


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