Bible Notes

Lately, in one of my Bible plans, the selected readings have highlighted the relationship between David and Saul.  These two have such an interesting, unconventional relationship.

Saul was put in a rough spot to begin with by being the first King over the people.  The people failed to listen to the prophet Samuel so God gave them what they wanted, Saul as King.  Even toward the beginning, we see how Saul was often swayed by the people’s opinion.  He reacted to their actions rather than inquiring of the Lord or even following the Lord’s direct instructions.  Saul reacted to the people scattering and took action instead of waiting for Samuel to come (1 Samuel 13:8-13).  The people got the type of king who ended up just like them.  They did not listen to what the prophet had said about having a king and Saul, their king, did follow Samuel’s instructions.

To add to Saul’s trouble, David comes on the scene and gives the people someone new to talk about.  The people compare Saul and David.  Saul comes up short and his jealousy is stirred.

Nap time is over…to be continued the next nap time 🙂

My take-aways for the day: be patient in the things of God and listen to His timeline rather than putting my own timeline on how I think things “should” progress.  Keep my eyes on God and be intentional about what He has said instead of being swayed by the people.



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