This week has both gone by super fast and super slow. Asher went to bed early so we got to watch the Blacklist live and goodness what a shocker. I did not see that ending coming and am curious what’s coming up next!  

We’ve been going on walks and runs lately which has been so good! I’ve missed being outside and getting sunshine. Now if the wind can die down that’d be great. Interesting NPR fact: I heard that hail and straight wind do more damage than tornadoes in Minnesota. 

Ben and Jerry’s had their Free Cone Day so my awesome husband decided we needed to go. We went to one in Wayzata and it was on the cutest little street next to the water. Seemed like a fun little place to go back to when the weather gets warmer. Asher wasn’t sure about the person dressed up in a cow suit but he was all over the ice cream. 

Oh and I thought I would try Mint Chocolate Chip in hopes it would be similar to Mint Chocolate Cookie. It’s not. Not at all. Ryan’s Sweet Cream and Cookies though was closer! Asher tried a Strawberry. Well, really, he tried them all. 

I better get back to enjoying my non-napping but drumming and playing “quiet” time by jumping into another new book before the little boy declares he’s done. 


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