Yay for the weekend!  We are finally in April and to a new budget month. That last week in March felt the longest. I keep hoping warmer weather will be around the corner…and I keep waking up to frost or cold temperatures. Sometime it is bound to get warmer. The water is off the lakes at least!  

Anyway, I saw a friend do a currently post and I’ve been meaning to add a fun post so here it is. 

I’m currently…

Reading: Rooted by Banning Liebscher (this book is rocking my world and I can’t wait to review it when I’m done!!). And I’ve just started E.M. Bounds on Prayer. I was gifted this and I am still feeling so loved by that!! Clearly gifts are my love language!  I have a few other books on my shelf but those are the main ones. 

Watching: Fixer Upper! Another season came out on Netflix! And Blacklist starts this next week and oh Blindspot. Pretty sure we have more shows than normal. Oh and Asher gets pumped about watching Baby Praises…we put it in as a half joke one day and now he loves it? 

Eating: Lots of eggs and leftovers and whatever is in the cupboard. By the end of the month, I’m always dreaming of our next month’s food and fun budgets refilling. 

Celebrating: Answered prayers and friends to celebrate them with!  

Enjoying: Days we can be outside, two cars, reading, and music. 

Hoping: For summer and fresh vision. 

Loving: Ryan’s surprises for me,when Asher is goofy, sunshine, hope, and a warm cozy bed. 


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