Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

I was so excited to see that I could review one of Daniel Amen’s books since I had heard some about his brain studies.  This book was a great introduction to a lot of his research while also being very practical.  His research includes many brain scans and their relation to mental illness.  He shares many personal stories throughout the book to help connect the scientific side of things to real life scenarios.  Reading about symptoms and hearing about the changes after treatment was really inspiring.  I could tell that the author is excited about seeing people become well and live a healthy life.

I was thankful that the book even includes mini quizzes that can give you insight to areas where you may have trouble.  This helped make the book applicable right away without needing a brain scan first. Thankfully too, the book also provided insight on ways to improve in those areas.  Of course, Dr. Amen would suggest a brain scan and that you see trained professionals, but these are a great start.  He also includes the many different diet ideas and about how certain types of brain activity need different diets.  I thought this was a fascinating section of the book.

I loved reading this book and would recommend it to someone who is looking for further information into brain scans alongside mental health.  For a more casual reader, I would suggest taking the quizzes and focusing in on the relevant sections because the book is a long read.  Too, I would add that there is likely a lot more to be learned and proven.  Personally, from a professional standpoint, I would want to see more longterm studies to examine the efficacy of the treatment and am also intrigued to research more into those who do not support Dr. Amen’s work to understand their reasoning.

Disclaimer: I got this book from Blogging for Books for this review!


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