March 4th

I love how so many people are using it as March forth. ☺️. I smile every time! So instead of 5 things on Friday, we are going with 4! 

1. Risotto/rice balls are delicious. They were well worth all the work of rolling and dipping and frying. Asher even had a blast eating them. Though, I’m pretty sure he was more into the marina sauce than the rest of the meal. That boy loves dipping and eating sauce. He’s been caught drinking Alfredo sauce. 😳

2. Hiking apparently has amazing positive brain benefits according to one article. I am all on board with this conclusion and am beyond ready to head to Banff this summer! 

3. Speaking of trips…I’m still trying to decide and plan Ryan’s birthday trip! Front runners include Portland, Seattle, California, Iceland, and Norway. Leaning toward in the States so we can leave the little man with grandma for the weekend. Any suggestions for favorite places to go in early May?!

4. And lastly, I’ve been working on gathering all sorts of floor plans and dreaming up fun houses to build. Pinterest and houzz have been inundated lately with building ideas. 


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