Friday Five

Five Things I’m Loving!

1. The Nike Training App

These workouts have been a lifesaver since our treadmill quit working. I’m hoping next winter I’ll have a gym membership and car…until then these and hopefully warmer weather will get me through!

2. Poppyseed Dressing

I’ve been on a kick of spinach salads with poppyseed dressing. So tasty! Almost as good as having a Panera here. 

3. My new clock!  

My mama knows how to buy and find me good gifts and I am so grateful! I have been wanting a big clock for a while and she hit the jackpot with this one!

4. Prayer Journal 

I got an amazing prayer journal from a dear friend for Christms and I am so loving having scripture prompts along with a place to write out my prayers. 

5. A Second Car

My parents have been soaking up the sun in Mexico so we’ve been so grateful to use their car while they’ve been out of town. They come home today and we are equally grateful to have them back to watch Asher some! And I hear they’re bringing me Tres Leche cake from Cafe Latte! 

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