A Year and a Half!

Oh What Fun.png

Asher just had his doctor appointment and I thought about how I used to do these updates so I figured this would be a fun one to do halfway through the year.  He’s closer to 2 than one now!  And he sure looks and acts like a toddler so I suppose it’s fitting 🙂 Oh and the pictures above are from one of the New Years card layouts that I didn’t choose…I’m so close on finishing our real cards 🙂

What we have learned…everyone loved seeing him play his “where is it?” game at Christmas, he’s quite proficient at climbing and sitting at the table in the big chairs, he became a pro at eating out at restaurants while we were in Africa, we can survive crazy long flights with a toddler, and vacation is wonderful.

What we are enjoying right now…sleep, we enjoyed an awesome vacation, running outside when it’s warm enough, our own space, books, playing with cars, climbing things, and life!

What our biggest struggles are…missing the warm weather we had in South Africa!! And missing South Africa!

Asher’s most exciting milestones…more words, imitating us, making the duck noise & other animal noises, lots of teeth (I think 12-14? his molars came in and he’s working on the upper eye teeth), walking stairs while holding onto the wall, sitting on chairs at the table, hugs, giving Boaz commands, throwing the ball down the stairs for Boaz, and mainly being an awesome little man.

What we are looking forward to…date nights, Grandma & Grandpa coming home from Mexico, planning Ryan’s birthday, meeting Isaiah, answered prayers, spring, and hopefully more travel!

Asher’s likes and dislikes…he still seems to love to explore!  We usually find him climbing and stepping off things.  He claps for himself often and looks to us to clap as well.  He has taken a few cars to bed and has figured out racing the cars on the floor.  He still finds drumsticks to bang on things and likes to ask for us to turn on the music.  The “where is it?” game is pretty cute as is hide and seek with him.  He seems to get a bit upset when someone is in a chair he wants to climb into or when Boaz is in the way or when he wants some food but we haven’t figured out what type of food.

What sleep looks like…sleep has been great!!  We aim for bedtime around 8 and then he’s still my late sleeper and doesn’t wake up until 8-9.  He is down to one nap.  He naps usually from 1-4 give or take some.   He did great with jet lag and sleeping on the planes too!

What we are eating…food, food, and more food.  He eats whatever we are eating and loves most things.  He seems to really like eating clementines, cheese, whole milk, watermelon, pasta, french fries, and milkshakes!  He stopped nursing around 14 months and didn’t seem to skip a beat.  We’re working on getting more iron rich foods in his diet too.

Who we have seen…Africa people!  We got to stay with June and Aimee while in South Africa.  We also got to see Tom & Jack and the girlfriends while they were home over New Years.  We are going to see baby Isaiah tomorrow!!  We also got to see elephants, lions, tigers, penguins, and all sorts of African wildlife.

At the last doctor’s appointment…he had his 18 month check up and weighed in at just about 26 pounds and 34 1/4 inches.  Still our tall and skinny kid hanging out right around the 50-60 percentile for weight and 90th for height.  I don’t remember his head but he’s still up high for that too.  He is wearing mostly 24 month clothes and size 4-5 diapers.  We used disposables while traveling but otherwise still using cloth.


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