One Word

Since I keep getting asked about what my word is for the year (I did bring it on myself by alluding to the fact that I have one in a previous post!), I figured I better write up a post while it is still January. 

I was not feeling up to finding or picking a word this year. This last fall especially has felt like one foot in front of the other and like I’ve been going with what God said last until I hear anything different.  Probably why I had the word “walk” last year đŸ˜‰.  

Anyway,  I kept feeling like God really wanted me to make prayer a priority this year. This seemed fitting since lately I’ve been wrestling with even wanting to ask God for anything and I knew we would start our time of prayer when we got back home. Though, I didn’t think that prayer was the word so I left it at that.  

At church in Harrismith, the music was playing beforehand while we were helping set up and the lyrics caught my attention. They were catchy but more than that they really hit where I wanted my focus to be this next year. The song was Lauren Daigle’s “O’Lord.”  Here are a few of the lyrics:

I will stand my ground  where hope can be found

O’Lord O’Lord I know You hear my cry

Your love is lifting me above all the lies

No matter what I face this I know in time

You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right

Still through the tears and the questioning why

I will stand my ground where hope can be found

I don’t want to be standing on my emotions or circumstances or what I don’t see happening–even though it is tempting to put myself smack in the middle of those. Instead, I want to be found standing on God’s word and character. 

Beyond that, I have a slew of books I want to read, some fun family ideas to implement, lots of running to do, relationships to build, and mostly I’m ready for new beginning with lots of prayers and answers to prayers. 

Anyone else pick a word for the year?


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