I feel like I blinked and missed December.  Since we were traveling for most of December, I feel like we should get a restart on it all, but instead here I am standing at the end of 2015 and staring into 2016.  This has been quite a year and I was looking back over the words that I have chosen to focus on in years past.

2008 Friends

2009 Adventure

2010 Joy

2011 Trust

2012 Celebrate

2013 Free

2014 Open

2015 Walk

So much has happened since then and all the little updates show that.  I was single and had yet to even go to Africa and now I’m married, have had babies, and even got to go back to South Africa with my little family.  There’s been much sweetness and goodness right alongside the sadness and hard.

I was thinking I wouldn’t really pick a word for this year since I kind of felt done with that season of picking words, but then I watched the movie War Room on the flight home and then happened to hear a song playing before church while we were in Africa and the word kind of plopped in my lap.  So, I guess I have a word for this next year even though I didn’t intend to have one.  I might write about it at some point (maybe tomorrow?), but not today–I’m giving my heart a rest and a breath free from the angst that comes with a new year and a new word.  Not to mention that I’m still in full throttle processing what going back to South Africa meant and what God’s been saying.  I thought maybe it’d be easier to come back this time, but I’m thinking not.  I have a phone full of pictures a heart full of questions.  And I’m back in the land of the freezing cold weather…I made it half a mile in the cold today and I called that a huge success.

I would add a fun picture from our travels, but they’re all still on my phone so check Instagram for an old one or text me 😉

Time to sign off…until next time!


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