Hello November

Wow! November is here and I am so excited!  This month feels like it is going to just fly by so fast.  October felt long.  December will be here shortly and then we are off to enjoy the African summer.  Even though, I didn’t write every day in October, I sure did enjoy the days I did and I learned lessons in being present.  Sometimes being present meant not writing and that was just okay.  Every November, I’m tempted by doing Nanowrimo…so we will see if I actually jump on board or if I end up writing more or what I do!  If you made it this far in this post, I guess you know by now that it will likely just be an update on lately.

Halloween was fairly uneventful, but fun being with my little family.  We even half attempted to carve a pumpkin at my parents house, which was fun.

We got all sorts of yummy food since it’s the beginning of a new budget period.  Plus, this is the month where we will pay off one more of my loans from my master’s degree.  Hello one loan left!  We are so so very close to getting it all paid off.  I will say I am impressed when I look back at our diligence and persistence in paying them off…definitely hasn’t been easy, but I am excited to be at the point where we don’t have those payments anymore.  Plus, when I look at all we have been able to do while we’ve paid things off, I am thankful.  For the two of us, we will have paid off 5 degrees!  Not to mention, still being able to travel, do mission work, mostly be a stay at home mama, and so forth.  So, there’s my own little pep talk to keep going at paying off that last one…

This week, I’m looking forward to a few warm days and hopefully time outside!  We went for a 2 mile run today and even was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt!

Okay, back to deciding about Nanowrimo…how’s your Monday?