Monday Musings

 I thought it’d be fun to look back at my camera roll and grab a picture from around this date as many years back as I could go!  Fun to see what I was doing in each moment.  
2015–Helping make dinner. 

Bountiful baskets competition in 2014!

Pretty fall leaves in 2013. I was pregnant but wouldn’t know for another week or so!

2012. Cafe 116 date! We were engaged but hadn’t had “ring day” yet. We ate so well that fall! 

2011–made this at church with Ally!!

2009–not sure if the date is accurate in my phone or not but fun to see either way! Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not since Lindo would have already been with his aunt and uncle by this time rather than at Hope House but a picture from 2009 nonetheless 😊

God sure has packed a lot of fun memories in these last few years.