How is it already Friday?! This week has been going by fast for me. Though, today is rainy and we have been stuck inside all day so I’m ready for the husband to get home early!   Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

1. I love that Ryan usually gets off early on Fridays! This makes the day feel special and makes me even more excited for the weekend!

2.  The Blacklist–we are almost caught up to where we can watch it live!  Once we watch last nights episode we will be set for next week. This show has me hooked and I’m always curious what will happen next. Though, I swear I feel so nervous during it more often than not!

3. Creating curriculum!  We are following along with our pastor’s sermons and creating corresponding curriculum for our PreK and Harvest Kids classes at church. I have been having a blast coming up with fun games, object lessons, and crafts!  

4.  Warm days!  I’m so so thankful that the days have still been warm enough for walks and being outside. I’m hoping November stays kind of warm and then we will be in Africa summer for Decemeber and lets just not talk about January. 

5. Pumpkin spice frosted mini wheats. Ryan bought these and I kind of shrugged them off but I’ll admit they’re pretty tasty! A fun fall treat. Plus, I love cereal. 

What have you been loving?