Sometimes in my present moment I can forget where I’ve come from and all that God has done. I can get too focused on the future and what is lacking.  I become like the Israelites wandering in the desert complaining instead of taking the Promised Land.  I forget that I’ve been able to live overseas for a year, travel to multiple countries (South Africa, Greece, Rwanda, Swaziland, Sri Lanka, England, Italy, and Mexico to name a few), help start a church plant, work on staff at a church for close to 5 years now, get married, have babies, be home with Asher, finish college, get my masters degree, get a puppy, and numerous other things. And sometimes the remembering reminds me there is even more to come.  So I’m trying to remember all of what the Lord has while I’m in the thick of it and want to bury my head in the sand.  And I’ll even bury my head in the sand for a little while to let God give me some rest before going on farther with Him.