To Remember

I’m constantly watching Asher learn all sorts of new things and watching his personality develop. 

Lately, he is often found climbing anything and everything. He is quite resourceful in using toys, cabinets, chairs, and the like. 

He brings books for us to read and seems to have quite an opinion about what books to read. He’s still great at getting books off the shelf and knows how to open the bookshelf with the glass doors. 

He talks to the dogs and gets excited seeing them. 

He squats, runs, climbs, waves, points, dances, claps, walks backwards, uses spoons and forks somewhat successfully, and asks for what he wants.  He climbs on the ottoman, couch, bed, and table. 

He gives the best hugs. 

He still plays the drums and walks around with the sticks. 

Oh and he has a fondness of interrupting the dishwasher cycle. 

He’s got 9 teeth. 

He wanders around and explores all sorts of places. 

He’s pretty fun and we’re glad to have him in our family.