I meant to post last night but time got away from me and I fell asleep. We went out for a few walks in the carrier and man that thing gives you a workout! I’m trying hard to extend grace and be kind to myself with my goals and just celebrate the things going well in this season. Normally, I’d be so bummed about not making my goal of posting every day or even want to jump ship but part of showing up is falling forward. 

I’m typing this from a plane headed to Atlanta where I’ll then hop over to Birmingham. I’ve never been there but I’m excited to see what is there and to spend some quality time with some of the best ladies. I’m so honored to have been included on this trip and really think God was gracious in the timing. I’m definitely missing the husband and my little boy though. Thank goodness for my own mama who took good care of him this afternoon. I sure am thankful for her and have started to really see all the love and happiness she brings to this world. She loves my little man too and my husband. I’m so so thankful for parents who have welcomed, accepted, and simply celebrated my husband from the get go. That is a gift. 

And now we’re in Alabama! Here goes…I’ll check back in when I can!