Weekend Highlights Mixed With Things I’m Loving

I thought about writing a Things I’m Loving post on Friday, but clearly that didn’t happen so I thought I’d post a little recap of the weekend/lately with some of the things I’m loving.

We snuck in a Redbox deal on Thursday for a free movie! I’m totally a fan of freebie deals.  I signed up for their text club and it finally paid off.  I was hoping it wasn’t only going to be deals we wouldn’t use.  We ended up watching the movie “Home.”  Overall, I liked it!  Not my favorite and not one I would watch again, but I didn’t fall asleep to it either, which says a lot. 🙂

We did a lot of walking, talking, napping, and vision chatting on Friday/Saturday.  I’ve been trying to plan for our Africa trip and figure out what we want to do, where to stay, and just general planning.  We got passport photos done and now need to mail in passport paperwork!  Asher needs a passport and I need my passport updated with my new name!  Definitely a little sad that I haven’t used my passport since our honeymoon, but thankfully I’ll be using it soon.

Also, lately one of my/our favorite things to do is find neighborhoods and run or walk them while looking around at houses.  We’re starting to get a vision for what types either of us like and what we don’t like.  There are some neighborhoods where certain houses are great, but we don’t like the overall vibe of the neighborhood or we want a slightly different location.  Now this is not to say that we are even thinking of buying at this point…cue slightly freaked out about that type of commitment! I’m still dreaming of living in the mountains… Plus, we have other goals we want to meet financially first and we are just plain not sure what God has for us next and He hasn’t clued us in yet as far as we know!

I’ve been playing around with the voice memos on my phone and doing mini podcasts for fun.  I so love listening to podcasts and it’s been fun to practice speaking!

I just did our budget (we are still using GoodBudget formerly known as EEBA) and I am feeling hopeful and excited about this next month.  I love when we are able to put a lot of money in our loan extra folder and keep on paying off the last of my loans from my master’s degree.  Plus, we made two big payments this month so that always makes me feel like we are making progress.  Dave Ramsey’s snowball idea is totally a true thing and I love it!  I am definitely an excel spreadsheet kind of girl who loves seeing what we spent, where, and how we are doing.  I’m feeling ready for September and all it’s going to bring….well assuming it brings more fairly warm weather! I’m NOT ready to give up our daily walk/runs.

Oh! And one more fun thing to share.  I’m going to Alabama to Highlands Church for a conference in October and I am pumped!  I am super excited to get to go with some fabulous ladies and go check out a new church.  And I’m thankful for a husband who is helping make this happen.  Cue…wait..I’m leaving my baby for a few days for the first time!? Ek! I’ll have to do a little update post on him sometime too since I stopped doing the monthly ones.  He’s the best and such a little personality. 🙂

That’s more than enough for now…if you made it this far, high five!

IMG_8799 IMG_4032IMG_4141


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