On Learning Patience

I have been so keenly aware of how impatient my little guy is lately. He wants his milk and he wants it now. He wants to knock over the garbage one more time and don’t dare get in his way. He wants the right book at the right time.  He wants to be picked up when he wants. He wants the door open or shut. Whatever it is he’s got an opinion. 

So for lunch, I was cooking up some tasty garlic Parmesan orzo for him and he was hungry. He’s starting to understand that when things are on the stove that sometimes he can get a little taste before it is done and that eventually it will be on his tray ready for him to eat!  Needless to say, if he’s hungry he starts crying to get up to see the food and then wants to put his hands in it. He does not understand one bit that the food will be so much better cooked! Orzo without cheese…no thank you! 

I’ve had to wait (many times impatiently) for many things in life and I’m still waiting on other things. I’ve definitely thrown my own whine fests about timing to God. 

I never thought it would take me close to six years to get back to South Africa. And yet tickets are booked and come December I’ll put my feet back down in that country. I left on December 6th, 2009 and with how flights worked out we will arrive on December 7, 2015. Plus, I get to bring my husband and son. 

I sure am excited to see all that God has been preparing for us and to be back “home.”  This season sure has been a long lesson in patience and waiting on God. 



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