I am here curled up in my bed with Asher just having fallen asleep for a nap. I figured I might as well check in since my last post never made it to the publish stage. 

We went on two walk/runs yesterday and even got to see the cows on our second one! The little calves were cute and skiddish around us. The older ones just stared. 

The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few days. Sunny and just warm enough. I could live in this weather all year. 

I’m fighting disappointment and sadness today and leaning into the wait. I sure seem to think there’s constantly something in life that helps us learn how to wait well and about contentment and being present. Every stage of life so far seems to show something to do this. 

Here’s what I am thankful for in this present season: 

1. Walks outside!

2. Cozy beds

3. A son who makes me smile and laugh and teaches me to embrace life. 

4. A husband to text and who comes and tackles me when I am sad. 

5. Medicine to help my poor dog who has allergies. 

6. Trips to look forward to soon. 

7. A jogging stroller to use. 



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