A Few Thoughts

With Asher taking longer naps, I’m finding myself being able to jump into all sorts of fun things lately and I am loving it!  Plus, we have had a week full of fun morning activities too.  We’ve done a fair amount of walking/running too.  We went to the beach with friends yesterday and Asher had a blast walking around.  My little explorer would probably go far if I let him.  He just loves life and I find myself catching more and more of that from him–a good thing!

Then, this morning we headed out to the park for a play date with all sorts of friends, which was good for us!  He’s at the age where he can climb all sorts of places, but is not quite trustworthy to know that he can’t just walk off drop offs.  He likes to think that everything is a stair and well…he has no fear many times.  He’s also getting all sorts of his own opinion and personality–well…I guess he’s had that all along.  Nothing like an exuberant child!  Sometimes he reminds me of what I imagine I was like as a little girl.

Oh and continuing with the random thoughts.  I’m almost a fan of periscope.  Part of me is like who has time for this and why…and then the other part of me thinks it’s just plain fun.  I was just listening to Seth Dahl who is a children’s pastor and heard the best line.  Someone asked about what ages to teach certain things like speaking in tongues or praying or healing, etc.  The response back (from the guy speaking with Seth..I didn’t catch his name..maybe Jeremy?) was that instead of focusing on an age to “create opportunities not expectations.”  I love that!  Model the type of culture and environment you want.  Let the kids explore as they feel prompted and then I imagine they might have an easier time having it become a heart prompted thing rather than a performance or check list type behavior.  Plus, then you can cultivate conversations about those areas and hopefully create safe spaces.

Well, there’s probably more than a few thoughts for the day, but I’ve had fun checking in for a bit and now I’m off to read a book (The Miracle in the Middle by Charlotte Gambill). Ha, scratch that…nap time is over 🙂

IMG_3823 IMG_4060 IMG_4065 IMG_4124


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