1 Year Old!

12 Months

FINALLY! I’ve had this post stuck in the drafts for over a month now…Asher’s birthday has long come and gone.  Thankfully, I wrote up the answers back around his birthday because I doubt I could have remembered the answers!  He is in full on toddler mode now and looking like a little boy!  I had been waiting to make up the picture above and then realized I never took one with his owl either…so that is still on my list!  Once that is taken then I can make a post with all 12 owl pictures for fun!  Oh and I really would love to do a birthday recap post too!  He had a pretty fun day.  He really has changed so much and I love watching him grow.  Celebrating him is so fun.

What we have learned…throwing a birthday party can be a lot of work and fun!  Asher’s also learned clapping and waving finally.  His “words” have gotten more variety and he’s pretty adorable when he changes his tone.

What we are enjoying right now…summer!  We are loving going outside–Asher is pretty insistent about going down the stairs and outside.  Sleep is great still too!  He’s sleeping longer naps in the afternoon and sleeping well at night too.  He still loves his books and loves to pull them off the shelf.  He’s a pretty cute little drummer too.

What our biggest struggles are…figuring out schedules and time!  June was a busy month and here’s to hoping July is a little quieter.

Asher’s most exciting milestones…making it to his 1 year birthday!!  Clapping and waving and walking are also things he’s doing well! Still hanging out with the 7 teeth but all are through far. He’s our talkative little guy most of the time, but he also has some quiet moments and seems to be a good mix of both.

What we are looking forward to…date night and a quieter month!  More time outside and maybe some beach time.

Asher’s likes and dislikes…he loves to walk and explore!  Opening and closing things is still a favorite as well as eating all the food all the time.  This kid can eat.  He loves brushing his teeth and drumming on anything and everything.  He hates when people shut the door or when he can’t reach the handle to the door to get out.

What sleep looks like…sleep has been great but a little erratic due to VBS, family gatherings, and the like.  He’s going to bed somewhere between probably 7:30-9 and then sleeping until like 7:30-9 depending on the day.  He’s been giving us great 2 hour or more naps in the afternoon.  Usually he will wake up in the 3-5am range to eat and then go back to bed.  All in all, we’re doing just fine.

What we are eating…so much food!! Seriously, I say it all the time but this kid can eat!  He’s pretty much eating what we are eating.  He’s down to 2-3 nursings a day (generally when he wakes up, somewhere in the afternoon and then sometimes one  at like 9 or 10 or nurse to sleep).  Hoping to transition to 2 and then eventually be done…

Who we have seen…so many people!  We got to celebrate Asher’s birthday with a mostly family party!  Relatives who live in China were home and my brothers were home.  They all had fun seeing how much Asher has changed since they last saw him!  We also got to go eat with Carrie, Mardo, and Micah which was so fun.

At the last doctor’s appointment…he had his 1 year check up!  He weighed 22 lb 4 1/2 and then was 31 1/4 inches tall.  So, 91 percentile for height and 63 for weight and 87 for head.  So he’s still our tall and skinny kiddo!  He’s mostly in 18 month clothes with cloth diapers.  He’s still wearing size 4 disposable diapers for bed.


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