Asher seems to be all about exploring lately–well, he kind of always has been, but now that he’s walking and we’ve been outside a lot, he gets to show off that side of his personality.  He loves people and yet he will also be the one to leave the group and just keep on walking.  He really doesn’t appear to have any fear.  He’ll trek down the halls at church.  He will wander toward the trees.  He will wander around the corner of the house.  Sure, he will get sidetracked sometimes by a tiny pebble on the ground or by the fun mud to put his hands into or even the puddle to plop down in of course, but he sure does love to keep on walking.  I love his carefree attitude and how he really seems to enjoy and go after what he wants to do.  If he’s curious about something, he is beyond persistent.  I love that.

IMG_8474 IMG_3756

Yeah. this kid knows how to love life and tackle all that it brings with a lot of personality!  He’s teaching me all sorts. 🙂