I saw this fun style of post and thought it’d be a perfect fit for a Friday! But to start…a few fun photos from recently 🙂

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Currently: July Edition

Current Books:

Goodness I am having such a hard time finding a clean, fun fiction reading lately…suggestions!? So, instead, I’m reading The Cry of the Soul: How Our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions about God (such an interesting read!!), Living the Spirit Formed Life (I’ve been reading this with some Bible study ladies and there have been some really good chapters in here..we just finished the one on submission–way beyond the marital type!), and Attachments (Ryan and I have been slowly reading through this one and it’s fascinating to hear some more theories about attachments).

Current Music:

I echo “No Longer Slaves” by the Helsers and then Asher is still into the All Sons and Daughters Prone to Wander: A Collection of Hymns.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Sugar cookies!  We made them last night and now I’m devouring them… 🙂

Current Nail Color: 

Essie’s “Over the Edge” covered in “Set in Stones” on my toes!

Current Drink: 

Water and more water!

Current Food: 

I’ve been craving yummy stir fry or a tasty burrito!

Current Shows:

Nothing…any recommendations!?

Current Wish List:

Another car, more trips, fun new clothes, and oh the big one would be to pay off the rest of the debt from my master’s degree–we are so so close…

Current Needs:

Belonging, affirmation, friends, and a fun night! Oh and life direction 😉

Current Triumphs:

Writing this blog! Running lately. Asher sleeping. Finally getting my physical done.

Current Things to Be Thankful For:

Ryan! Asher! Boaz! A place to live and a car that works. Air conditioning! Friends to text. An Africa trip to look forward to soon!

Current Outfit:

Running shorts and a tank!

Current Mood:

Happy and a bit tentative about wondering when Asher will wake up from his nap!