Nap time

I’m sneaking in another post during nap time.  The little man has been sleeping for a bit so who knows when I’ll have to jump ship from this blog post, but I figured I might as well pop in while I have the opportunity.  I didn’t even come with a well thought of topic or substantive thing to write about either, but I’m here.  When the little guy was littler, I wondered how all these moms seemed to be able to write blog posts during nap time–let’s be honest, I still wonder that sometimes!  Now, though, he’s being a little kinder and giving me some longer stretches of naps, which I will definitely take!

Lately, I’ve been mulling over vision, purpose, and the next right step.  God’s been ever gentle with me and patient both with my impatience as well as my stubbornness alongside my confusion.  Plus, he’s given me a couple really great images about the current season.

Yesterday, we spent 2 ish hours stuck in a hallway in the Holiday Inn (we went there for dinner at the restaurant connected to it) because of a tornado warning.  Let me tell you that I was ready to high tail it out of there and was sure trying to have a good attitude when the phones kept going off to tell us that the warning was being extended.  Not to mention that we hadn’t even eaten yet… Hungry, tired, and lacking a clear plan.  On the upside, Asher got to run up and down exploring and making people smile with his crazy noises, quick smile, and just happy personality.  In the end, we got out of that hallway and got some tasty food.

Then today, I read a super great post talking about waiting and the process.  You can go read it here.

And I also had a time of encouragement this morning with the ladies from my church with some sweet, sweet ladies who just exuded friendship, kindness, joy, and laughter.  They simply looked like the type of friends who had weathered all sorts of seasons together and were still there together enjoying the ride and ministering to all around them.  Pretty sure I want to be like them when I grow up and I want sweet friends at my side.  They also encouraged me so much with a word about feeling like I’m a vessel sitting on the shelf right now but that God’s really doing a work right now and preparing me for more. They said so much more but just that visual of being on the shelf waiting so resonated with me.  I’m thankful for a God who sees me, speaks to me, provides encouragement, exhortation, and confirmation about this season I’m walking out.

The little guy is sleeping still but I’m ready to go read a book or journal or something else fun.  Maybe even sneak in a walk or a run later too or oh never mind somebody woke up!

Hope you’re all having a fun Monday 🙂