Friday Fun

I’m super ready for the weekend!  We have some fun things planned and some nice down time that will likely happen too.  This week has felt more back to normal after the rush of VBS and then Asher’s birthday party.  The little guy is napping right now too so I’m enjoying the quiet from my seat by the window.

We even snuck in a 2 mile run earlier today, which was hot, hot, hot.  I thought about running to the nearby playground but ended up going toward the lake.  I think that ended up being a good choice since I doubt we would have wanted to stay and play in the heat.  Even Boaz was seeking out any shade he could find.  He’s pretty funny when he will run to the other side of the road to run in the shade.  I don’t blame him!

I’ve also been getting better at adding in variety for meals.  Today, we’ve (mostly Asher and I–but Boaz likes to sneak a few bites too) eaten eggs, cottage cheese, blueberries, bananas, cheese sandwiches, Annie’s bunnies, and some milk.  Not bad for a Friday 🙂 We have jicama to make into fries too still!  The jicama has been sitting waiting for us.

So there you have it.  A more “real” blog post rather than my usual book reviews or Asher updates.

To top it off, here are some answers from a fun A to Z survey:

Age: 29

Biggest Fear: Hm…heights or small spaces or not doing anything with my life

Current Time: 4:17 p.m.

Drink you had last: Water and then before that chocolate milk

Easiest person to talk to: Ryan

Favorite Song: I have tons, but lately I’m loving “No Longer Slaves”

Grossest Memory: There are a lot of gross things. Today the grossest thing I saw was a dead snake.

Hometown: Alexandria

In love with: God, Ryan, Asher, Boaz

Jealous of: people who travel all over, people who have the things/relationships I (think) I want 🙂

Kind of Ice Cream: Vanilla, White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Pistachio Pistachio, Breyer’s Natural Vanilla, Ben & Jerry’s

Longest Relationship: Ha, my family or Ryan 🙂

Middle Name: Rose

Number of Siblings: 2 brothers

One Word: Fun

Person You Spoke to Last on the Phone: Ryan

Question You’re Always Asked: How old is he? (referring to Asher)

Reason to Smile: Asher, Ryan, Boaz, sunshine, ice cream

Song You Last Sang: Stronger or I Just Can’t Wait to Be King–came up on shuffle while on my run

Time You Woke Up: 5:30 or so to feed Asher and then 8:30

Unique Thing About You: I’ve lived in Africa

Vacation Destination: Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and so many places

Worst habit: Leaving towels laying around

X-rays: Teeth

Your favorite food: Ice cream, white chocolate, cake, and more.

Zoo animal: Giraffe

And of course, a few fun pictures for you all 🙂

IMG_3242 IMG_3524 IMG_3607 IMG_3610_2

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