10 Months

10 Months

What happened…how are you 10 months already, little man!? Crazy, but so happy!

What we have learned…how to make clicking noises withhis tongue, more sounds, how to eat more foods and using pincer grab more too,

What we are enjoying right now…warmer weather! We even sat outside some and have gotten more walks in too.  We are also enjoying having him sit at the table with us for meals and just how he’s more content for longer periods of time.

What our biggest struggles are…same old, same old.  Still working on sleeping at night.  Feels like by the time we get close then he gets sick or gets another tooth.

Asher’s most exciting milestones…standing for a few seconds without holding onto anything!  Crawling, pulling to standing, and pincer grab are old tricks by now.  Oh and he’s rocking 4 teeth on top and 3 teeth on the bottom.  One on the top and one on the bottom are just barely through though.

What we are looking forward to…Ryan’s birthday!

Asher’s likes and dislikes…he sure does love to be held and rocked to sleep.  He loves standing on the couch and looking out the window.  Still loves the wind!  He likes trying to get in the dishwasher.  He’s pretty proficient at climbing stairs too.  Oh and cords any type of cord or tag.  He dislikes when we don’t pick him up right away, diaper changes (he’d rather be rolling over), getting pjs on for bed, and being startled or knocked over.

What sleep looks like…goodness who knows. Well, he’s making longer stretches and for a while was only up once at night, but then he got a fever and he was up a bunch but then slept in way late–thank goodness for a baby who likes to sleep in late!  I will take sleeping in until 10 when we’ve had a rough night!

What we are eating…lots of new foods!  He’s more or less eating what we eat.  He even got some whipped cream… 🙂

Who we have seen…we got to go to the cities for a little weekend getaway and Asher got to stay with Carrie and Micah!  We also had all of the Easter stuff too.

At the last doctor’s appointment…weighed in at 19 lb 10 oz and was 29 inches long!  He’s slowed down a bit in terms of percentiles, but otherwise all is well!  He weighed 20 lb even when we went in while he was sick.IMG_3064IMG_3059IMG_3056