9 Months!

9 Months

A little late but here it is!

What we have learned…pulling up and standing up, playing the drums with hands & drum sticks, climbing stairs, how to open drawers and cupboards, and how to facetime with grandma.

What we are enjoying right now…crawling, standing, eating, exploring!   He still loves the wind and being outside.  Music and drums are favorites as well.  We are also loving some warmer days for walks.

What our biggest struggles are…getting to sleep without us…this has become a theme…he sure loves us.

Asher’s most exciting milestones…pulling up to standing! And more teeth……..his two on top and two on bottom have come through quite well and he’s got one more just poking through on the top.  He also finally learned how to get off the treadmill without help.  Saying “dada” and lots of new foods!  He loves eating off our plates.  Our food is better obviously.

What we are looking forward to…while we were looking forward to Easter last month and the Easter egg hunt at church.  We are still looking forward to warmer weather sometime….

Asher’s likes and dislikes…still loving being held, being tickled, crawling, exploring, getting books off the shelves, putting everything in his mouth, the drum set, the little red dog toy, and opening cupboards. He seems to like eating bananas, clementines, and well really he hasn’t not eaten anything we’ve given him…this kid likes food.  He dislikes being tired, teething, when someone walks by and doesn’t pick him up if he wants them to, when we don’t give him our food, when he hits his head or falls hard.

What sleep looks like…still getting longer stretches, but had a few not so great nights with teething.  We learned that sometimes he doesn’t like to nurse to sleep anymore and that works better–not always.  He likes to keep us guessing.  Still doing a bath before bedtime.

What we are eating…lots of new things!  We ate at Chipotle with Carrie, Mardo, and Micah–and Asher so kindly snagged some of Carrie’s peppers–like I’ve said…this kid can eat and knows what he wants!  We also got Jimmy John’s when we filled all the Easter eggs for church.

Who we have seen…we got to see Carrie, Mardo, and Micah in Maple Grove when we made an impulse trip to REI! Totally fun.  The new worship leader and his wife too.

At the last doctor’s appointment…waiting until next month for his 9 month appointment so we will see what he’s like then. He’s into 12 month and almost out of it even…18 month is on the horizon.  Size 4 diapers at night but mostly cloth too–we even snagged some more covers from the seconds sale.

IMG_2631 IMG_2633


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