7 Months!

Asher 7 Months

Ah! You’re closer to your first birthday than to when you were born, baby.  And you’re looking more and more like a little boy.

What we have learned…being sick can seem to last a long time.  Sleep does get better!  Asher learned how to get up on his hands and knees as well as to move backwards. He’s also rolling all over now and not as unhappy on his stomach!

What we are enjoying right now…sitting at the kick n play playing, a few warmer days, staying awake longer (usually about 2ish hours!).

What our biggest struggles are…getting to sleep sometimes and balancing all of the things we want to do and how to find time to make them happen.

Asher’s most exciting milestones…starting food!  He also has a tooth just barely poking through on his lower jaw.  He’s learned how to move backwards and can roll all around to get what he wants.   He also got to hang out in the Nursery during Bible study.  Oh and let’s not forget to talk about his hair…yay for even more hair coming in and it looking thicker!

What we are looking forward to…Valentines Day, date night, warmer weather (please?), and Grandma & Grandpa coming back from their trip.

Asher’s likes and dislikes…still loving jumping, songs, playing at his kick n play (he likes to sit in front of it now though), being held, Boaz, funny noises, when we raise our eyebrows at him, being tickled, standing, and chewing (especially chewing on straws or pens).  He dislikes getting to sleep, when straws or pens or things he wants are taken away from him, and when he notices us but we aren’t paying attention to him.

What sleep looks like…getting better!  Bedtime has been all over because of being sick and just crazy schedules still, but he’s pretty consistent at going 4ish chunks.  The last week or so he’s been in a 2 and 5 rut, but then will sleep in a bit so we will take that.  He is totally not the kid who goes to bed late and still wakes up early…he is the I will sleep as long as I want no matter when I go to bed.  So we’ve had some late mornings 🙂

What we are eating…Asher started eating food other than milk!  So far, he’s tried bananas, avocado, pear, rice cereal, and broccoli.  The rest of us enjoyed going to eat at the Minnewaska House for date night and we got to try the new Ben & Jerry’s cookie butter ice cream.  We also snuck in a Chipotle run and some yummy cinnabites.  Pretty much, we all love food.

Who we have seen…we got to meet Graham this month!  He and Asher are going to be best buddies just like their mamas 😉 Though, we wished the circumstances had been different we were definitely happy to have Ally, Levi, Madi, and Graham home.  We also got to celebrate Carrie’s birthday with her and Micah in St. Cloud.

At the last doctor’s appointment…well, in the middle of the month when the poor guy had the miserable influenza, we found out that he weighed 18 lbs! He even got to sit up to be weighed and watch the little fishes.  We have another doctor’s appointment next week so we will see where we are at then!

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