6 Months!

Happy half birthday little man!

 Asher_6 Months

What we have learned…how much fun it is to have a baby at Christmas! We also learned that Asher likes to chew on wrapping paper and ribbon.  He’s also a big fan of sitting up and playing at the kick n play.

What we are enjoying right now…laughing, playing, sitting, rolling (well only sometimes we enjoy that!), and just plain life!

What our biggest struggles are…still working on figuring out naps and sleeping 🙂 hair loss seems to have slowed which is a BIG plus!

Asher’s most exciting milestones…we definitely have a roller!  He decided to roll from his back to his stomach at night and boy did that make him mad!  He was not a happy kiddo when he got stuck there.  Right now, at least, he prefers rolling from back to stomach and does it more often even though he totally knows how to roll the other way.  He’s still loving chewing on anything and everything.  He got a Sophie the giraffe for Christmas and an aardvark, which he loves to chew on often.  He’s a pro at sitting…until he gets distracted or decides he’s done.  Still in size 3 diapers and pretty much at the edge of 6 month clothes and we’ll be switching to 9 month soon.

What we are looking forward to…a semi-normal month where we can hang out and do fun family things!  And a few of our favorite people have January birthdays so we are hoping to celebrate with them!

Asher’s likes and dislikes…still loving bouncing in the jumper and standing up to jump.  He’s a talkative little guy still and had fun at Christmas too.  He’s also liking sitting up to play with toys and grab for them.  He dislikes being tired, having to wait to eat, and we are not a fan of too many car naps.

What sleep looks like…good question…maybe I should try to write this down during the month because I don’t even know!  He’s still good at eating and then going right back to sleep.  He did go through a growth spurt/wonder week at the end of December where then the rolling started right after…those were some nights full of eating.

What we are eating…for Asher, still loving the milk!  The rest of us are enjoying Christmas cookies and treats, Noodles & Co., Cru, Good Earth, Crave, The Chocolate Ox, and ice cream of course.

Who we have seen…we had fun seeing all sorts of family for Christmas!  Those who came from far included Jack, Tom, Laura, and Doug.  We went down to the cities for a fun day at MOA where we ate at Crave.  We also got to go to Grandview Lodge in Nisswa for a fun little anniversary getaway.

At the last doctor’s appointment…well, at the “4 month” one we found out that our little guy is still the tall and skinny guy according to the doctor.  27 1/2 inches long and 16 lb. 11 oz.  This appointment was at the beginning of December so he’s grown since then!