5 Months!

5 Months

What we have learned…how to make noises with our lips, about losing our balance while sitting, about what diapers don’t work well at night for little boys, and that Boaz is funny.

What we are enjoying right now…when we can get him to laugh! Lots of smiles still!

What our biggest struggles are…drool. Lots and lots of drool.  Random stranger anxiety! When he decides to boycott naps 🙂 And my hair is still falling out..but it maybe seems to have slowed? I hope…

Asher’s most exciting milestones…he’s rolled over a few more times (front to back)! Chewing on things like crazy–doesn’t seem to have a preference for teethers yet.  Sitting up for longer and longer on his own!  He also knows how to spit/make noises with his mouth.  He’s gotten really good at grabbing things and bringing them where he wants (aka his mouth).  Oh and he totally has putting his whole foot in his mouth down too.  Still in size 3 diapers, but let me tell you…this kid can pee.  We have yet to find a good nighttime solution, but are still loving our cloth diapers during the day. Still mostly 6 month and 9 month clothes.

What we are looking forward to…Christmas! An anniversary trip! My birthday! December is the best.

Asher’s likes and dislikes…bouncing in a jumper (thankful for friends who borrow baby toys!), standing, jumping, making noises, sticking his foot in his mouth, sticking his tongue out, fake “dropping” when being held, Boaz, and eating.  He dislikes certain nap times, having to wait to eat, and being over stimulated.

What sleep looks like…we’ve gotten much better at longer nighttime sleep! More toward 4-5 hours for the first chunk and then good chunks after that.  Naps and daytime sleep are more sporadic and he’s edging up his wake time but still napping shortish (maybe an hour or so?).   He’s still waking up somewhere between 7:30-8:30 for the day and going to bed earlier…more toward 6:30-8 depending on the night and if I have to work.

What we are eating…for Asher, a nice milk diet!  The rest of us are enjoying Thanksgiving food and bountiful baskets and soups and cheese sandwiches and cereal and ice cream when we can fit it in the budget!

Who we have seen…we finally got to go see Carrie, Micah, and Mardo in the cities and have them meet Asher.  Uncle Jack also came home for Thanksgiving and finally got to meet Asher.  We went to the Rose side for Thanksgiving and stayed overnight in the cities.  We’ve been hanging out at church and he’s still coming to staff meetings.  Oh and Asher and Boaz are still hanging out happily.  Until Boaz is sad that he doesn’t get to eat Asher’s drool.

At the last doctor’s appointment…well, we still are waiting for our next appointment! Next week though 🙂 At grandma’s, we did the scale trick and he weighed about 17 pounds–that was toward the middle of the month.


yeah…we love him!


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