4 Months!

Ah! My little man is already 4 months. He is so loved.

4 Months

What we have learned…being sick is no fun at all.  Staying at a hotel with a baby is a different experience but our Nuna Sena was awesome to have!  I learned that I get to go back to my job with contact work so I don’t have to meet set hours (win, win!) and this means my grad school loan will be paid off even faster!

What we are enjoying right now…smiles, lots and lots of smiles.  Pterodactyl noises galore.  Asher loves to squawk.  Family days at home.  Tasty food.

What our biggest struggles are…being sick!  Not fun at all.  Ear infection and colds.  Boaz even got a big cut recently too.  Oh and my hair is still falling out. Eh!

Asher’s most exciting milestones…he rolled over! Only once, but still!  He rolled from his stomach to his back in the media room at church.  He still loves loves loves to stand up with help and bounce up and down.  He’s liking tummy time more lately too.  We are moving into size 3 diapers and mostly using cloth except at night.  We haven’t tackled cloth at night.  He is into 6 month clothes and a few 9 month clothes (especially with cloth diapers).  He’s had some more time without me since I’ve gone back to work at my other job too.  Grandma & Grandpa and Ryan have had all sorts of fun having time with him.  For Halloween, we went bowling with church and Asher wore his hot dog costume for all of 10 minutes.  He also came in a solid 2nd place for a photo contest for Bountiful Baskets where he was covered in veggies. Ha!

What we are looking forward to…Thanksgiving!! My brother will be home and we will likely go to Rochester too.

Asher’s likes and dislikes…eating and eating some more, reading books, bouncing/jumping, music/having people sing to him (still loves head, shoulders, knees & toes), playing with his toes & hands, flipping to the side, turning 90 degrees while laying on his back, and being held.  He dislikes waiting to eat, not being able to jump, sometimes when he’s confined too tightly, and waking up when mom & dad aren’t there.

What sleep looks like…during the day he is still pretty consistent! He’s still loving his 2 hour schedule, but with a longer nap in the afternoon.  Let’s not even talk about night time sleep since sickness messed everything up!  Still waking up for the day around 8 though and is maybe up 2 times a night on a good night with no sickness ha!

What we are eating…milk!  Definitely still more distractible while eating and still eating speedy.  We also went to Cafe 116 to eat on a Saturday! So much fun and Asher was a champ. We also got our first Bountiful Basket and got fennel in it!  We made fennel soup.  English muffin bread was also made and devoured.

Who we have seen…church family, family, friends, and Asher has taken a new interest in Boaz.  He’s starting to grab at Boaz’s ears and face. Boaz is handling it like a champ.

At the last doctor’s appointment…we found out that our poor little guy was sick, but up to an impressive 15 pounds–probably more now that it’s been a few weeks.

Who we have seen…we had friends over for lunch, church family, and family.

At the last doctor’s appointment…we found out that he’s the “tall kid” right now at about 25 inches and weighing in at 14 pounds 2 oz. He’s doing great and now we’re waiting for him to roll over 🙂