I agonized for weeks over picking a word when I found out I got to participate with Dayspring. I pondered over phrases and words and verses. I have so many words up around my house from each year I’ve participated in OneWord365 (joy, trust, celebrate, free, and open). I thought maybe the word I picked could be mine for next year but that felt like jumping the gun.

I played with the idea of doing “both&” to remind me to look beyond my black and white thinking to see more. I almost wanted to do “faithful” or “good” or “true” or “beloved” but they all were not quite right.

I waited all the way until the last weekend to redeem the coupon and settled on my word.


This year especially I keep reminding myself to go back to what is true, what is the truth. Whether that is a reminder that someone is on my side or that God is working it out, I want to so be grounded in the truth rather than let my perspective or perceptions or assumptions run wild. I can too often assume the worst or make up stories in my head that are not the truth. And so I landed here with truth as my word. To remind me of God’s truth.

The truth is we are loved, saved, redeemed, messy, alive, not alone, restored, and so much more. The truth is that He cares. He knows us and wants us to know Him.

I’m excited to put this reminder up on my wall to keep coming back to the truth in all situations.

What word would you make? You can go make one on Dayspring’s website. Check it out here.

*big thank you to Dayspring for letting me participate in such a fun thing and for giving me the letters!