Letting Go


Dear little man,

I’m realizing all over again about how so much of this journey includes learning to let go. I got to carry you around for nine months (granted, I only knew about you for like 7 and a half but still!) and then you got to be out in this crazy world where other people got to experience you even more. Already you’re showing your personality and liking being on your own playing some times (you still prefer to be with us though!). I know that sitting, crawling, walking, and running will come with all their own forms of letting you go. I prayed tonight that God would keep helping me let go of you more and more. I prayed that I would be able to teach you that you can make decisions on your own and wise ones too (and that you’d know asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness). I don’t want to control or run your life. Teach, train, guide, and love…absolutely. So, here goes for learning more and more to let go and put you back in God’s hands. Oh, and don’t sweat making mistakes…we all make lots of them and thankfully we can fall forward and we are still loved.
You are loved little man.
Love, Me.