Take Care

When my little man is sick and then I start getting a fever too, here’s what I do to help…

1. Buy fun new things at trader joes like Oreo cookie butter and South African style chips.
2. Nap and nap some more.
3. Eat trader joes oreos.
4. Pizza for dinner with garlic dipping sauce.
5. Take a hot bath.
6. Hand off diaper changes to the husband.
7. Give and get lots of hugs.

I am so thankful for my little family who takes good care of me and shows me I am so loved….for Asher’s smiles even though he’s sick, a husband who is amazing at taking care of all of us, and a dog who wants to cuddle. Here’s to praying tonight goes better and that we are all feeling better in the morning.

What are your favorite things when you are sick?