Becoming the Beloved

becoming the belovedSo.  There’s this thing that I did a few years ago and well I saw it pop up again and thought…let’s go for it again! The goal: write every day for the 31 days of October.  Plus, I recently got chosen to join in on a writing course (I am pumped!) so I thought this would be a good opportunity to add accountability and fun to writing.

I’m diving in with my expectations open and my heart willing to explore all different avenues.  I’m anticipating that you might find mini devotionals, pictures, quotes, scripture, life updates, and heart thoughts throughout the month.  I suspect that each day will bring a bit of a surprise along this journey.  I want to bring my heart deeper into an intimate knowing that I am the beloved of God.  This is something that I’m pretty good at knowing in my head, but getting it to my heart is a whole other story.  And so it begins!

p.s. Maybe you’re wondering why I picked a sprinkle doughnut for a button picture? Well, check back for a future post on that little topic later this week!

Beloved: dearly loved, a much loved person

2 thoughts on “Becoming the Beloved

  1. LOVE!
    You’re like the 9 millionith person to do this so I am jumping on board too! (gotta love the “homeschooler, MUST FIT IN” part of me) 🙂
    also–how did you put those words on the photo?! What program is that–love it!

    i was actually gonna email you this morning and tell you i love the little snippets of life and photos of your men. its just fun staying in touch this way–and then i got this update, perfecto!

    happy Oct. 1, Katy. lots of love to you.

    • Ha yes!! Glad to hear you’re joining in on this! I’m excited to see what you’re going to write about! And I added the words using –it’s great and free!

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