Sweet September

September is almost over and my little man is already almost 3 months old!  This weekend was all about the family time and time with people we love.  I wish I could bottle up yesterday afternoon and keep the feelings with me.  Our little family went on a walk to the lake access.  The weather was {almost} perfect and the water hasn’t quite hit frigid yet.  Boaz chased after leaves and sticks we threw for him.  He even got a good swim in around the dock.  Asher dipped his feet in the water with hardly any reaction.  I guess my little man is too used to his bath water and didn’t mind the colder water.  We took turns pushing the stroller and soaking up the time together to talk.  God just swooped down and gave us a taste of goodness in the midst of everything else and for that I am grateful.

So in true fashion…here’s what I’ve learned from times like these in September:

{1} To make time for the simple things and stay present and engaged.  Oftentimes, my favorite moments are when I don’t think about my phone or my to do list or other things going on in my head and even though I wish I could have snapped some pictures from those times…I’m still glad to have fully lived them.

{2} Surprises are wonderful.  Surprising someone with a gift or showing up at their work during lunch or writing them an unexpected note or making a special meal or coming home with ice cream.  Yep. I’m a big fan of surprises for both me and for others 🙂

{3} There needs to be more dancing in the kitchen. Enough said.

{4} Boaz makes a good case for wanting to be the baby of the family.  I think he and Asher are going to have a grand time getting into all sorts of trouble when Asher gets older.

{5} So much in life is a privilege…not something “deserved” or a “right.”  There’s much to be said about actually identifying and speaking up about needs/wants and being okay with a no answer.  Oh and I’ve learned I’ve got a lot to learn in this area!

And now for the pictures to add a little fun to this post 🙂

IMG_9181 IMG_9193 IMG_0021 IMG_0038