Weekend Love

September is here and I am a little bit in denial!  This summer has gone by in a blur.  Granted, having a baby and adjusting to life with a newborn took up quite a bit of time.  Mostly, though, summer has been wonderful and I’m glad to be entering into fall too!  I can’t complain about shorts and long sleeve weather–it is my favorite.  Now if only this kind of weather would stick around for a bit longer and winter would hold off for a while.  But anyway…here’s the list of things I’ve been loving lately!

Things I’m Loving

  • A fairly predictable nap schedule!  Asher has been a champ at sleeping and I am loving getting to know him more and more…I know he will probably just keep changing and I’ll keep learning, but that’s part of the fun!  For now, I’m loving being able to tell when he will need a nap and being able to use his nap times for fun things like writing, reading, playing with Boaz, and those not so fun things like laundry, cleaning, and dishes. 

IMG_8965 IMG_8966

  • Researching more about cloth diapers!  I so would love to be one of those people who tries and ranks every kind of diaper, diaper cover, insert, etc.  We have some money set aside in our budget this month to try a few more kinds so I’m excited to see what else we like!
  • My Bible reading plan!  I’ve loved being able to “hunt” for the theme and to dig into the word in a new way.  This fresh perspective keeps me soaking up the parts that hit my heart as well as allowing me to broaden my perspective to see bigger themes that connect the verses chosen.  You can check out the plans here
  • Running!  I’ve had a ton of fun incorporating more running into our walks.  I went for a run with my brother (and Asher!) and definitely was pushed more than when I’ve been going by myself.  Running with a stroller is no joke, but it’s awesome too.  I’m hoping to keep getting in more miles and increasing my speed too this fall. IMG_8986

Can you spy Boaz?

  • Listening to Brene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability with Ryan!  I love that we get to spend time together and talk about areas that she addresses.  There’s so much packed in there and a lot to think about!

What have you been loving lately!?