Lately…there’s been a swirl of things to write about going through my head and I even had one started but then the gremlins decided to eat it up and not even save a draft!  I’m sure I’ll learn to hit save draft before heading onto the next thing (usually feeding Asher…he likes to eat. a lot!).

Lately…the weather has been absolutely close to perfect.  We’ve been loving going on walks throughout the day and just getting outside when we can.  Boaz has been thrilled about this and he’s been such fun to see run up and down the road.  He really does love a good sprint.  Though, speaking of Boaz, he’s been having a rough week.  He started itching and scratching like crazy last Tuesday and we finally figured out that he apparently has seasonal allergies (welcome to the family…) so they’ve just started him on a nice series of steroids, which will hopefully kick his symptoms to the curb!  So far, he’s seeming sleepier.  IMG_8758 IMG_8664Lately…the Lord’s been teaching me about faithfulness, goodness, and being planted.  There’s been such a press on my heart to learn to lean into this idea of a quiet and gentle mixed with wholehearted and influential life (sounds like a whole lot of fluffy words that need a lot of fleshing out to really know what they mean and look like…I know…that’s for another post).  I’m leaning into stepping away from the idea that where I am, who I am, and what I am doing are not enough and instead stepping into the idea that there is much to be said about a simple, faithful, and obedient life.  Come December, I will have been here for five years and that messes with my head with so many questions.  Yet, the Lord’s faithfulness has been ever evident throughout these five years even if it’s mostly been in ways I would never have anticipated at the beginning.

Oh! I heard a little squawk from my little man.  Time to hit publish before this post gets sucked into a black hole never to be seen again!



Boaz doesn’t know what to think of tummy time…

What’s been going on with you lately?